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About Valivans

Valivans welcomes its friends

present and future!

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We are glad to tell you a little about ourselves. Dogs were always in our life and now we already can’t imagine it without them. Some people don’t understand why dogs are so important for us, it’s ok. The main thing that dogs understand it.


Valivans cattery was registered in 2017 and has already confidently declared about itself. We are known and recognized.

We live in Kiev, Ukraine. Having come to us on an excursion, you will not see dog enclosures and corrals. You will see one big family where dogs are free to move and sleep on the coach.


Valivans is:

• only health-tested dogs that are approved for breeding.


• many exhibition titles and victories are acquired by our dogs which proves their quality and breed.

• only full-feed feeding with professional Holistic class food, which makes it possible to form strong immunity and good health.

• not just the place puppies are born, this is the place, where every puppy is very carefully thought-out combined. Each of our graduates, both a pet or a a show class is a work of art and our pride.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a breed you fall in love with every day. This dog will fill your home with an atmosphere of comfort, harmony, warmth and will perfectly cope with the role of a reliable companion.


We are happy to bring happiness to your home.

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